08 Mar
Start date for BollyX

Thank you to everyone who registered their interest for BollyX. I'm pleased to announce that a class will be starting on 11th April.

The class will run every Thursday at 7pm 

Wear comfy clothes that you can move freely in (e.g. leggings/joggers/t-shirt) and wear trainers or pumps and bring a drink of water.

The routines are energetic but you can modify them as you need to and just enjoy the positive vibes you'll get from the uplifting music.

There is no need to pay in advance, you can just turn up and pay £5.50 cash or card, but we are asking you to let us know if you plan to attend just so we can monitor numbers.

You can use your bundles and unlimited passes for this class.

I love BollyX, it is a class that will make you smile and you'll leave on a high. I really hope you can join us in April!

If you have any questions just comment or drop me a message on 07535 670989.

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