AB - The Two Step

Music: Two Step (Laura Bell Bundy)

AB - 15 Minutes

Music: 15 Minutes (Rodney Atkins)

AB - Country Boy Lovin’

Music: Country Boy Lovin’ (Dillon Carmichael)

AB - Last Night Disco

Music: Last Night (Chris Anderson)

From the Country

Music: I’m from the country (Tracy Byrd)

Back to the start

Music: Back to the start (Michael Schulte)

Heave Away

Music: Heave Away (The Fables)

Always Humble

Ribbon of Highway

Danced to Thanks a lot

Choreographer: Neil Hale

Head over boots

Country Nights

Link to Copperknob: https://www.copperknob.co.uk/stepsheets/169534/country-nights

Glass of Wine

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