This page is currently in progress.  We are working to compile a list of steps with videos so please bear with us.

If the name of the step is blue you can click it to be taken to a video demonstration.

RF = Right Foot
LF = Left Foot

Floor Navigation

Think of a clock face with the front of the room being 12 o'clock. If you turn a quarter to the right you will face 3 o'clock, another quarter turn to the right takes you to the back of the room, or 6 o'clock, and a final quarter turn right takes you to 9 o'clock. When it is helpful to do so, our instructor will call out which wall you are turning towards, for example, she may say "half turn to 9 o'clock and start again". In more complicated dances this can be helpful to navigate where you are in the room.

LOD - Line of Dance
This refers to the direction of movement.
For example
"Forward" in a straight line
"Forward Diagonal Left or Right" is towards the corner on your left or right
"Reverse Diagonal Left/Right" is towards the corner behind you on your left or right

Absolute Beginner

Walk (or Stroll)
Step RF forward then LF forward
Do as many steps as required, usually followed by another step such as a touch or kick (Example: 3 walks forward RLR and kick L)

Prissy Walks
Step RF forward crossing over the Left, step the LF forward crossing over the Right

Touch/Tap (they mean the same thing)
Touch your toe to the floor without transferring your weight onto it. You can then use it again for the next step. Depending on the dance, you may tap next to the other foot, out to one side, across in front or behind.

Fish Tail
Step RF backwards on the R diagonal, touch L toe next to RF, step LF backwards on L diagonal, touch R toe next to LF.

Fan (Toes & Heels)
Heel Dig
Heel Hook
Heel Split
Heel Bounce
Heel Struts & Toe Struts
Rock Recover
Monteray (not turning)
“K” Step
Toe Points & Taps
 1/4 Hinge

Grapevine (including adding a 14 hinge)

1/4 Pivot
1/2 Pivot
Waltz - Forward/Back Basic & Twinkles


Includes all of the steps in the previous level plus:

Rock Steps (including Rocking Chair)
Jazz Box (with or without a turn)
Lock step
Heel Switches & Toe Switches
Rumba Box
Sailor Step

Shuffle/Chasse & Lock Steps
Including adding a 1/4 turn


Kick ball change
(and variations: kick ball touch or point)
charleston (with taps  kicks)


Anchor Step
Boogie Walk
Heel Grind
Knee Pop
Night Club Two-Step (Basic)
Ronde Sweep
Scissor Step
Sugar Foot
Extended Weave
Rolling Grapevine
Samba Cross (Cross Shuffle)
Skater Step
Chassé Turn
Cross Unwind Turn
Figure Eight
Full Turn
Monterey Turn
Reverse Turn
Reverse Unwind



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