Please check the online booking system for the up to date schedule and individual class details.

From 1st June 2022 there are some changes so please double check your class venue and start time before arriving.

There are no classes on Thursday 2nd June because it is a bank holiday.

STUDIO 17 - you must book your place as numbers are limited because the studio is smaller and you risk being turned away if you are not booked in.

GREEN TOWERS - if you pay when you arrive then there is no need to book anymore.

IF YOU USE BUNDLES - you must book EVERY class you plan to attend and you must make sure you speak to me when you arrive and tell me that I need to debit your balance.

Buy a bundle of 4 classes and save 10% (expires after 2 months)

Buy a bundle of 8 classes and save 15% (expires after 3 months)

May’s social afternoon has been cancelled.

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Get involved with our demonstrations at local events and show what we do in the classes.

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See what we get up to on Wednesdays!

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Sneak peak at our classes!

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Sneak peak of Monday’s class!

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I don’t sweat I sparkle


Add some sparkle to your day with our most popular tee.

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If you stumble, make it part of the dance.


A step forward after a step back is not a mistake…it’s a cha cha cha!

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I like to move it


If you just love to move to the beat, this is the tee for you.

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When in doubt, dance it out.


If you take every chance to dance…

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Every line dance starts with a 5,6,7,8!

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Put your boots on


You don’t have to tell us twice!

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Shimmer as you dance with this colour changing tee.

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Colour Choices

Choose your base colour.

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Here are the dances we are currently teaching along and have done in the past. Click the blue text to see step sheets and demos from around the web. Suggestions for new music and/or dances are always welcomed. 

Monday 7pm & Tuesday 10am 

Currently teaching Love Grows & We’re good to go

Dances already taught:

Always Humble (32 count)

From The Country (Beginners / 4 Walls)

Head Over Boots (Beginner / 2 Walls)

Hillbilly Girl (Beginner / 4 Walls)

Thank You (Beginners / 2 walls)

Whiskey Bridges (Beginner / 4 Walls)

Country Boy Lovin’ (4 walls)

Mambo Italiano (4 walls)

Take me home (2 walls)

Empty Heart (4 walls)

Ribbon of Highway (1 wall)

Until the dawn/Marvin Gaye (2 walls) 

Down on your uppers (Beginners / 4 walls FAST!)

Boheme Supreme (4 walls)

Back to the start (4 walls + 1 Restart)

Things (4 walls)

Tuesday 11am & Wednesday 8pm 

Currently teaching One of them girls & I can’t pretend

Already taught:

Here we go

Always Humble 

I’m on my way

Hold the line (4 walls + 2 Tags)

I close my eyes (4 walls + 2 Restarts)

Rock around the clock (4 walls)

Sangria Sun (4 walls + 3 Restarts)

Manila (High Beginner / 4 walls)

Train Swing (Beginner/Fast / 4 Walls)

Codigo (Improver / 4 walls)

Havana Cha (4 walls)

Simple as can be (4 walls + 1 Restart)

As I lay me down (4 walls)

Lonely Drum (4 walls)

Gypsy Queen (4 walls)

Same Boat (4 walls + Tag)

Codigo (4 walls + restart)

Save your kisses (4 walls + 2 Tags)

Heart of an Angel (4 walls + 2 tags)