Mondays at Green Towers
7pm Line Dancing (Beginners)
8pm Fitsteps ORIGINAL (Beginners)

Tuesdays at Green Towers
10am Line Dancing (High Beginners)
11am Line Dancing (Improvers)

Wednesdays at Studio 17
7pm Fitsteps ORIGINAL (Improvers)
8pm Line Dancing (Improvers)

Thursdays at Studio 17
10am Fitsteps ORIGINAL (Low Impact)
7.30pm Fitsteps TONE (Beginners)

Please book every week. You do not have to pay in advance unless you want to. If you cannot attend please cancel your place so I can offer it to someone else. 

Online booking:

COVID-19 … at present there are no restrictions on group exercise but we are asking you to continue to use the sanitiser stations regularly and test twice a week.
DO NOT ATTEND if you, or anyone in your household, has covid.

EVERYONE must complete a new PAR-Q in January each year. You can save yourself time when you arrive by printing the pdf below and completing it in advance: 

Classes are all £5.50/person payable on arrival (cash/card).

Fitsteps Original

#StrictlyFun dance class for all abilities.

More info.

Fitsteps TONE

Fitsteps with an added resistance band workout.

More info.

Line Dancing

Classes for all abilities.

More info.

Bollywood Jhoom!

Fitness style routines inspired by the Bollywood film industry.

More info.


Visit and register your details (it will ask for an email address to send you booking/cancellation confirmations).

Select a day from the calendar and choose a class. Click “book”.

It will ask you to select a payment method, you can click the “credit card” box and pay online or arrow > and select “pay on the door”. You will be sent an email confirmation.


If you want to save 10%, you have the option of buying a “bundle” of 4 or 8 classes. You can also buy a monthly “pass” for £50 if you do lots of classes each week. You can buy a bundle and then use it to pay for your bookings.

If you buy a bundle, you have 2 months to use it so it is more flexible than the strict monthly invoice dates.

The £50 monthly pass starts from the day you buy it so book your spaces in advance (select pay on the door) and buy the pass on the first day you need it. Tell me when you arrive that you have a pass.

Click here to access the online booking system.

If you want to have an App on your phone to easily manage your bookings, you can download it by clicking here

You do not have to pay in advance unless you want to. If you do pay online and cannot attend, please let us know and we will either transfer your booking to another day or arrange a refund.

Fitsteps TONE (Workout #1)

Fitsteps TONE class for Beginners

Watch video  

Here are the dances we are currently teaching along with links to step sheets and demos from around the web. Click the blue text to see a demonstration. Suggestions for new music and/or dances are always welcomed. 


Whiskey Bridges (Beginner / 4 Walls)

Hillbilly Girl (Beginner / 4 Walls)

Train Swing (Beginner/Fast / 4 Walls)

You’re Some Girl (Improver/Fast / 4 Walls)

From The Country (Beginners / 4 Walls)

Head Over Boots (Beginner / 2 Walls)

Ribbon of Highway (1 wall easy)

Manila (High Beginner / 4 walls)

Codigo (Improver / 4 walls)

Beginner Line Dances

Country Boy Lovin’ (4 walls)

Mambo Italiano (4 walls)

Take me home (2 walls)

Empty Heart (4 walls)

Ribbon of Highway (1 wall)

Until the dawn/Marvin Gaye (2 walls) 

Dr wanna more (4 walls) video to follow soon.

Blue Rose Is (1 wall, slow)

Old time rock n roll (2 walls) video to follow soon.

Down on your uppers (4 walls FAST!)

Boheme Supreme (4 walls)

Mr Lonely (2 walls)

High Beginner Line Dances

Back to the start (4 walls + 1 Restart)

Things (4 walls)

Hillbilly Girl (4 walls)

Miss Congeniality/One in a million (2 walls + 1 Tag)

Quizas Tango (4 walls)

Hold the line (4 walls + 2 Tags)

Next to me (4 walls + 1 Restart)

I close my eyes (4 walls + 2 Restarts)

Rock around the clock (4 walls)

Sangria Sun (4 walls + 3 Restarts)

Southern Nights (4 walls + Restart)

Improver Line Dances

The Captain (2 walls)

Runaround Sue (2 walls, alternating routines) video to follow soon.

Save your kisses (4 walls + 2 Tags)

Simple as can be (4 walls + 1 Restart)

As I lay me down (4 walls)

Havana Cha (4 walls)

Lonely Drum (4 walls)

Gypsy Queen (4 walls)

Same Boat (4 walls + Tag)

Heart of an Angel (4 walls + 2 tags)

Codigo (4 walls + restart)

Senorita Tu (4 walls)

Ex’s and Ohs (video coming soon)

The Bomp (2 walls)

The next order will be placed at the end of January. Ask your instructor for more details!  Choose a colour: Saphire Blue or Black Choose a slogan: When in doubt, dance it out If you stumble make it part of the dance I like to move it Put your boots on 5,6,7,8! Choose a hashtag: #HinckleyDanceFitness or #HinckleyLineDancing